Book: Creative OCF Techniques for Photographers

Now available for Pre-Order – Delivery November, 2015Designed as a set of practical tutorials for beginners and advanced photographers alike, this Coffee Table Style Book is full of creative photographs illuminated with Off Camera Flash.

Several setup pull-backs, diagrams, charts and descriptive text will guide you on your personal journey into Off Camera Flash.A must have Book you will love reading and referring to often as you set yo ur course on the adventurous path of creative photography. Over a 140 pages packed full of 30 years of professional experience.

1940′s Hollywood Vintage Lighting Workshop

What a blast! On November 1, our Lighting Workshop Team  will take a trip back in time to Hollywood in the 40′s. With seven gorgeous models to work with our student photographers will enjoy  a fabulous day at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona Aviation Museum at Falcon Field with WWII Vintage Aircraft.

The setting will be brought to life as we venture back through the annals of time. Our models will be fitted with 40′s styled attire and one of our models, Sam Anderson, will arrive with her Mom’s authentic vintage Captain’s Uniform.

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WWII Vintage Aircraft.


Setting the Stage with Light at Falcon Field

Preparing for an upcoming 40′s Hollywood Lighting Workshop on November 1, 2014 to be held at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona Aviation Museum, Models; Elizabeth Riley, Adrienne Mitsis gracefully pose for a vintage portrait depicting a four light portable studio with off camera shoe mount strobes.

The following image depicts and graphically shows the placement of the four shoe mount strobe units and the quality of light they provide. For more information on my Lighting Workshops visit: Link to Photographic Lighting Workshops

Adrienne Mitsis

Vintage Hollywood circa 1953 – Speed Lights! What it Took!

Recreating the Golden Days of Hollywood: Having spoken recently, in some depth, with a friend about the Golden Days of Hollywood and remembering the stylish look of the Vespa motor scooter, my thoughts were drawn to Audrey Hepburn and the Movie, “Roman Holiday.”

 Vintage Hollywood in the Fifties circa 1953 Roman HolidayI had been photographing quite a lot of Fashion images with Models I had come into touch with through a joint venture with my daughter, Cindy Christi, we call, “Get Image Ready.”

Essentially we create a day in the life of a Hollywood Fashion Set, where we bring aspiring Photographers and Models together for a weekend of training and portfolio building.

The Speed Light Connection: As I work quite a bit and tutor in the creative use of Speed Lights. And, as well, really enjoy the Glamor Lighting style of Hollywood in the forties and fifties, I thought it would be a great deal of fun to stage a photo shoot, depicting that style.

SRs “Tiny Triggers: An essential tool for my Speed Light Photography are Scott Robert Lim’s remarkable “Tiny Triggers” remote Radio Triggers. In this instance they allowed me to set up

ExpoImaging, Inc: To get the ball rolling, I proposed the idea to the folks of Expo Imaging, Inc. That is, to recreate a vintage Hollywood Photo Shoot, utilizing their recently released Rogue “FlashBenders” Products; a collection of innovative Light shaping tools for Speed Lights.

I began with the idea of lighting a Vespa and a Fashion Model in the Hollywood Fifties style. This fit the ticket very well, as the Rogue FlashBenders, create a light similar to that of the Fresnel lens based Hot Lights of the 40′s and 50′s era.

The idea and concept of the Vintage Hollywood Photo Shoot began to take form. All I needed to pull together was a vintage style Vespa motor scooter, a Model who resembled Audrey Hepburn, a Location to shoot, some vintage clothing and a hair and make up stylist, who could create the look.

The Lighting:

I began the project thinking to create the lighting with 3 speed lights, depicted in the diagram below. As ExpoImaging, Inc. had just released their new Rogue Gel and “Background Lighting Kit, they asked me to include a splash of color in the background. That and the on set requirement to add some fill light, I ended up with six Speed Lights. A diagram will be added showing this change, as soon as I can photograph and place the background lights. Suffice it to say, for the time being, that the red and blue gels, cut perfectly to shape, fit snugly into the Rogue FlashBenders Grid assembly, shown to the left in the diagram.

Here are a couple of the final Images, showing the effect of splashing some color on the gray background paper behind our subjects with the Rogue FlashBender Grids and Gel Kit.

Maggy Day on the Set of Vintage Hollywood

The Talent to Create the Look:

Our Audrey Hepburn look alike model, Maddie Rose Holler, our Hollywood Siren, Maggy Day, Wardrobe Design, Rebecca Turley of Nostalgic Boutique, Hair and Makeup Stylist, Diane Aiello, The Hohokam Ballroom at the Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak, provide by Rizaldi Sherwood, a Vespa Motor Scooter provided by Tylor Carlson of Victory BMW/Vespa of Chandler,Scott Robert Lim’s remarkable “Tiny Triggers” Triggers. www.tinytriggers.infoExpoImaging Inc. Light Shaping Tools, my great assistants, Barbara Trainor, Warren Walker and Jen Overholt and myself, David Lloyd as the Creative Director and Photographer, equals a fun Day in Hollywood in the Fifties!

A Big Thank you to all!

Outdoor Lighting Workshops – Tripping the Light Fantastic!

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Evening Lighting with Speed Lights and Gels

Learn simple principles of Photographic Lighting and take your photography to the Next Level!

On March 24, 2012 we convened for the second in a series of Lighting Workshops which are taught every 4 to 6 weeks.

In our first meeting in February, we explored the concepts of Dimensional Outdoor Lighting, looking for five key ingredients.

Background: framing the subject.
Foreground: allowing your subject’s eyes to be open, not squinting.
Main Light: creating the direction of light to sculpt the facial features.
Fill Light: to lift the shadows.
Hair Light: creating separation and dimension.

The concepts were taught by positioning three speed lights to show the relationships of Dimensional Light.

This was followed by working with Diffusers and reflectors to mimic the Dimensional Lighting concepts using available light.

These principles were expanded on in our second Workshop, held March 24 with the Grand Finale exploring the use of Speed Lights and Gels in the early evening for the article opening image.

Here is the Lighting setup formula!

The Lighting Setup

A full explanation of this Lighting Setup and how it embraces the five Key Dimensional Elements to Dimensional Lighting, are revealed in the Workshops.

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