Book: Creative OCF Lighting Techniques for Photographers

Now available on Amazon for Order as of November, 2015OFC Coffee Table BookDesigned as a set of practical tutorials for beginners and advanced photographers alike, this Coffee Table Style Book is full of creative photographs illuminated with; lighting examples, lighting diagrams, lighting pull-back photos and 30 plus years of technique for Off Camera Flash.

Page Excerpts: Announcement! Nov. 1, 2015 40′s Hollywood Lighting Workshop

Several setup pull-backs, diagrams, charts and descriptive text will guide you on your personal journey into Off Camera Flash. A must have Book you will love reading and referring to often as you set your course on the adventurous path of creative OCF photography. Over a 140 pages packed full of 30 years of professional experience.From start to finish, you will be enthralled by the elegant simplicity of straight forward instructional content.Learn essential tools of stunning, but easily attainable lighting techniques.Techniques developed over a period of 30 plus years of professional photography.A former New Product Design Engineer for the Vivitar Corp., David Lloyd, CPP will unravel and simplify by example, the practical and technical mysteries of speed light based, flash photography.A technically sound and creatively inspiring book you will refer to time and time again. A must have creative reference book for every photographer interested in Off Camera Flash.First Edition, now available Order Your Copy - please allow two weeks for delivery.

A Total Immersion ’40s Hollywood Experience

On November 1st, 20 photographers and 7 models participated in my lighting workshop emulating Hollywood in the 40s, in the setting of WWII aircraft at the Commemorative Air Force Aviation Museum in Mesa, AZ.

Sponsored by Tempe Camera, Profoto USA, Tamron Lenses, Sony and Manfrotto, a featured filled experience unraveled as the attending photographers captured memorable images of our 40s attired models.

Learn more about my New Book, “Creative OCF Lighting Techniques for Photographers.” Read More Here.

Marlena Maher poses for 20 photographers

Indoor Lighting Setup Pull-Back Photo

When 40s Style meets Hollywood Beauty!
With impeccable taste and crafted style, the team of Rebecca Turley of Nostalgic Boutique: Wardrobe, and Kami Lee Tafoya of Smoke and Mirrors Studio, Danelle Arcilla, Kelsey Kelleher, Brynne Dubin Hair: providing hair and makeup, recreate a memorable day in Hollywood in the 1940s. The setting, the Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, AZ.

Our lineup of models, equal to any Hollywood could produce, dazzle the sets while 20 participating photographers capture one of a kind moments in a reenactment of history of 1940s Hollywood glamour.

Our stunning models; Mason Marie, Tiffany Hooper, Victoria Sharpe, Angelica VanAuken and Marlena Maher, the reigning 2015 Queens from the Miss Arizona United States Organization, plus past reigning Queen Sam Anderson and lead model Shelby Pippin.

A special thank you to Cindy Christi, Ron Gerson and Jay Lee of CXI Media | Integrated Marketing Strategies, our sponsors; Tempe Camera, Dan Cuny of Profoto USA, Sue Palermo and Marc Morris of Tamron Lenses, Andrew Lee of Manfrotto and Rob Shelley of Sony. As well as Patti Pace Council of Glam Squad and Menassa Abinader of Mijana Grill Az for creating an iconic experience we will never forget!

The above Lighting Diagram and pull-back photo depict the lighting setup we created in the museum’s indoor hangar.

Marlena Maher brings Hollywood 40s Style back in Vogue

Tiffany Hooper Smiles her way into your Heart

Shelby Pippin catches everyone’s eye

40′s Hollywood Lighting Workshop – November 1, 2015

On set – 1940’s Hollywood - A Total Emersion Photography Experience!

Get ready for a day of 40′s Fashion Photography! November 1, 2015 3pm – 9pm

Imagine, walking onto a Hollywood studio, set in the 1940’s and being on stage for the production of a major release Hollywood motion picture.

Take a photographic walk down memory lane and, Register Now!

One by one our 40’s attired models walk in for an interview with the on location news anchor, while just outside the B-17, Sentimental Journey, taxis onto the tarmac.

You are there!
Bring your camera and favorite lens and be prepared to soar back into the Big Band Era, as you learn the Lighting Style of Hollywood in the 40′s. A style that Hallmarked Hollywood’s Golden Years with Movie Stars Bigger than Life.

Our Sponsors and Special Guests; Tempe Camera, Sony, Profoto, Tamron and Manfrotto, will provide additional photographic gear for a very rewarding day of vintage styled 40’s fashion photography.

What: Lighting Workshop, highlighting the style of Hollywood in the 40′s

Where: Falcon Field CAF Air Museum 2017 N Greenfield Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215

When: Sunday, November 1, 2015 3pm to 9pm.

Instructor: David Lloyd, CPP

Register Now!

1940′s Hollywood Vintage Lighting Workshop

What a blast! On November 1, our Lighting Workshop Team  will take a trip back in time to Hollywood in the 40′s. With seven gorgeous models to work with our student photographers will enjoy  a fabulous day at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona Aviation Museum at Falcon Field with WWII Vintage Aircraft.

The setting will be brought to life as we venture back through the annals of time. Our models will be fitted with 40′s styled attire and one of our models, Sam Anderson, will arrive with her Mom’s authentic vintage Captain’s Uniform.

Interested in learning 1940′s Hollywood Lighting as well as Outdoor and Studio Portrait Lighting? Join our Meetup Group visit: Photographic Lighting Workshops

WWII Vintage Aircraft.


Setting the Stage with Light at Falcon Field

Preparing for an upcoming 40′s Hollywood Lighting Workshop on November 1, 2014 to be held at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona Aviation Museum, Models; Elizabeth Riley, Adrienne Mitsis gracefully pose for a vintage portrait depicting a four light portable studio with off camera shoe mount strobes.

The following image depicts and graphically shows the placement of the four shoe mount strobe units and the quality of light they provide. For more information on my Lighting Workshops visit: Link to Photographic Lighting Workshops

Adrienne Mitsis