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Certified Professional Photographer

Local Photographer Earns Certification

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“Synergistic Connections” Becoming Engaged!

Making the Synergistic Connection!: It wasn’t until I attended Michelle Coor’s Branding, Landing and Launching Event, “Party – NY Style,” in July, 2011 that I made the Synergistic Connection!

I had gone with a specific purpose in mind, so I was Engaged.
Immediately, I greeted people whom I had previously met at other Events and Photo Engagements.
I was there to photograph the Event and the Keynote Speakers, so I paid particular attention to their poise and presentation.
I wanted to capture the expressive moments.
I was in careful observation mode and paying attention, while also scanning the room for candid shots.
I had a very specific purpose in mind and I was creating photographs for the Keynote Speakers.

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Splashing Color with Speed Lights! BMW & ExpoImaging, Inc.

Learn about the Fascinating Story of how this Image was Created using six Speed Lights fitted with Rogue FlashBender Light Shaping Tools!

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