Splashing Color with Speed Lights! BMW & ExpoImaging, Inc.

Victory BMW/Vespa of Chandler

Splashing Color with Speed Lights

Creating color with Speed Lights, SRs “Tiny Triggers” and the ExpoImaging Inc. Rogue Grids and Gel Kits. Read below for the In depth Story of How this was Done!

Lighting Description and the how to Story:

Lighting Diagram for Splashing with Color

While the lighting Diagram information above describes the lighting for the BMW Photograph, creating the set at the BMW Motorcycle Showroom and eliminating an otherwise distracting background, was a story in itself.

We arrived at 8:00 am in the morning with the idea to demonstrate how the ExpoImaging, Inc Rogue FlashBender Products could be used to creatively light a BMW Motorcycle on location at the Victory BMW/Vespa Showroom in Chandler, AZ.

We decided to create a sunburst pattern, displaying a rainbow of color behind the motorcycle and create highlights of color on various surfaces of the sleek design of the BMW. This was accomplished by building a 7 foot tall paper fan constructed from photo backdrop seamless paper. Three pieces of 7′ x 9′ sections were cut and folded in one foot increments in a zig zag or accordion fashion. The pieces were then stapled together and taped at the bottom to allow the fan to spread in an arced fan shape behind the BMW.

Three Speed Lights were used with the Rogue FlashBender Large reflectors to provide side light and direct light 45 degrees above camera axis to light the BMW. An additional three Speed Lights were fitted with Rogue FlashBender Grids and Color Gels from the die cut Rogue Gel Sets. Two of the  Gelled Speed Lights were then set at floor level on Manfrotto 175-F Justin clamps at 45 degrees to the left and right of the paper fan, splashing Blue and Yellow light on the fan flutes. A third Speed Light, similarly fitted with the Rogue Grid and Gel, was placed behind the paper fan, splashing Magenta light through the fan. All in all two sets of SRs “Tiny Triggers were required to trigger all of six Speed Lights. www.tinytriggers.info

The described setup produced the image above. Two paper pillars were also constructed to be set at either side of the fan to create a Wizard of OZ look to the set, however, one of the pillars fell over mid-shoot and slowly cut the paper fan in half.  Our set was lost, however, we had captured the above image prior to the slow motion and later humorous slow motion event.

Should you try this at home? Most definitely!