“Synergistic Connections” Becoming Engaged!

Donna Newman - Social Media Architect

Donna Newman - Social Media Architect

Setting the Stage: A little while back, I found myself intrigued with the idea of photographing a gorgeous model with a Classic Car. I had seen a photograph by a colleague photographer that launched my imagination and I was on a photo creative quest. As I often create Fashion Events with my daughter, Cindy Christi of Get Image Ready, (see side bar for our next Event, October 8 & 9th, 2011) I had proposed the idea to her, as a theme for one of our upcoming Events.

Becoming Engaged!: Opportunities are always presenting themselves, however, it is up to us to recognize them. As my schedule, like so many other small business owners, is quite full, I don’t randomly attend Events; I go with a purpose in mind.

Branding, Landing and Launching: Cindy was aware of an upcoming Networking Event, being hosted by Michelle Corr, “Branding Landing and Launching,” at the Scottsdale International Auto Museum and recommended I photograph the Event, scope out some Classic Cars, and the venue as a possible location for a Get Image Ready or Fashion Spread Event.

“Breakfast and Tiffany’s” I had recently watched the 1961 movie “Breakfast and Tiffany’s,” with Audrey Hepburn and was primed with nostalgia. The film is filled with offbeat parties in New York. Holly Golightly: I’ll tell you one thing, Fred, darling… I’d marry you for your money in a minute. Would you marry me for my money? Movie Quotes.

New York Party Style: To me, Networking Events are a kind of modern day New York social party, filled with well meaning small business owners, looking to meet people, socialize and somehow promote their businesses; collecting cards, jotting down names and numbers, etc.

Arriving without a Plan: However, as I often did; arriving at such Events without a definite plan, only to return home with a collection of random connections and business cards. I never could quite figure out how to make the idea work for me. I can’t tell you how long I pondered over this strange dilemma.

Making the Synergistic Connection!: It wasn’t until I attended Michelle Coor’s Branding, Landing and Launching Event, “Party – NY Style,” in July, 2011 that I made the Synergistic Connection!

  • I had gone with a specific purpose in mind, so I was Engaged.
  • Immediately, I greeted people whom I had previously met at other Events and Photo Engagements.
  • I was there to photograph the Event and the Keynote Speakers, so I paid particular attention to their poise and presentation.
  • I wanted to capture the expressive moments.
  • I was in careful observation mode and paying attention, while also scanning the room for candid shots.
  • I had a very specific purpose in mind and I was creating photographs for the Keynote Speakers.

Specificity: From this perspective, the connections I was making with specific individuals, were very specific and reciprocal and they would have good reason to reconnect with me.

Taking a Further Step: I drew out specific individuals for “Personality Photos” in the setting of the Classic Cars and ambiance of the venue. I also noticed that certain individuals were also reaching out to me.

Wake up Call: Fawn Cheng, whom I had met at the Send Off Party for the Miss AZ Pageant Queens, so graciously greeted me that I felt exceedingly appreciated and instantly in the presence of a warm and caring individual. Wow, what a wake up call! There was no way I would let the evening go by without scheduling something with Fawn!

Now, I ask myself  Three Questions:

  1. What do I want to bring back?
  2. What do I want to give, offer or provide?
  3. Who are the Synergistic Connections?

Donna Newman – Social Media Architect: (top photo with 1938 Packard)

Donna was one of the evening’s Keynote Speakers. I had not previously met Donna and as her presentation was towards the end of the evening, I wasn’t sure if she was part of the program or someone attending the Event in support of Michelle’s program.

Donna was cool, calm and collected and very professionally dressed. I walked up to her and posed her for a couple of quick impromptu photos.

Stage Presence: When Donna walked on the stage, she immediately captured the attention of the audience, attending the Event. Her presentation was specific and to the point, including a couple of ‘Do it Now’ audience assignments.

Social Media came to life right before our eyes, and left the world of Question Marks??? Donna presented herself as the go to person for Social Media Architecture, as she left you with just enough information for you to feel like you could tackle the topic of Social Media, with Donna as your Quarterback. There was no way I was going to leave the Event without scheduling a meeting with Donna!

Acknowledging Energy: After Donna’s amazing Keynote presentation, I walked up to her and reintroduced myself, with the offer to take a couple of  ”Personality Photos” with the 1938 Packard. I wanted to capture the energy she had brought to her presentation while it was still vibrating and fresh.

Reintroduction: At the end of the program, I made a point to reconnect with Donna and offer her something very specific, A Family Portrait Session, in exchange for Social Media Consultation

The Result:

  1. The Iconic Photo at the beginning of this Article.
  2. A meeting with Donna for Consultation in Social Media
  3. Ongoing Photo Assignments with Donna and her Clients
  4. Exceptionally Synergistic Connections!
  5. New Friendships and Business Connections!
Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker with Fawn Cheng

Michelle Coor and Fawn Cheng

Michelle and Fawn at Branding Landing and Launching Event