Certified Professional Photographer

Certified Professional Photographer

For Immediate Release

September 20,2011

Local Photographer Earns Certification

David Lloyd of David Lloyd Photography in Chandler, AZ has earned the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation from the Professional Photographic Certification Commission.

David Lloyd, a long standing member of PPA Professional Photographers of America and graduate of West Coast School of Photography, earned the (CPP) designation after meeting rigorous requirements measuring his artistic and technical competence in the field of photography. The Professional Photographic Certification Commission currently recognizes less that 2,000 Certified Professional Photographers.

“My career in Photography began in 1975 as a New Product Design Engineer for the Vivitar Corp., where I was awarded a US Patent #4,266,163 in Electronic Flash Control. While the following 25 years, were focused on my Engineering career, in 1998, after moving to the Central Coast of California, I started a full time Wedding and Portrait Photography Business. I soon realized, however, that while I had a very strong technical grasp of photographic principles and an artistic flair, that to excel in photography would require that I further my education. I joined the PPA and attended West Coast School of Photography, held each summer at the University of San Diego. I determined next, to undertake the personal and professional quest of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer. Just as doctors and other professionals seek certification in their industries, I wanted to elevate my commitment to my craft and profession and assure my clients of my qualifications to provide them with the best services possible.”

The Professional Photographic Certification Commission (www.certifiedphotographer.com) is the leading body for certifying imaging professionals. Certified Professional Photographers must complete a written examination, finish an image evaluation and adhere to a stringent code of conduct. Certification must be renewed on a periodic basis, ensuring continuing confidence in the professionalism of Certified Professional Photographers.

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