Easy to Acheive, Theatrical Lighting with Rogue FlashBenders

Theatrical Lighting with Rogue FlashBendersRogue FlashBender Products allow for an easy setup for Theatrical Lighting. The Main, Fill and Hairlight can be set on light stands at three corners of a rectangular stage. Set the Main and Fill lights at the two front corners, pointing center stage with a 3 to 1 lighting ratio. Both the Main and the Fill speed lights are bounced into the (Large) Rogue FlashBender flexible reflectors by ExpoImaging, Inc. The Hair Light is placed in the opposite corner, backstage, of the Fill Light. The Hair Light being fit with either a Rogue Grid, as pictured below or a (small) FlashBender,  folded into a wide snoot. The Hair Light placement behind the subject, provides side or rim light, adding dimensional interest to the subject.

As with all of my Speed Light Photography, Scott Robert Lim’s SRs “Tiny Triggers” are an essential tool for triggering the Speed Lights. You can find more info on these very cost effective and reliable Radio Triggers at www.tinytriggers.info

To add to the dramatic look of the set, additional speed lights can be fitted with the Rogue Grids and pre-cut to fit, Rogue Gels, to splash color on the background. The Manfrotto Justin Clamp, P/N 175F allows for speed light placement to the side at floor level, or they can be placed on lightweight light stands and directed to splash light on the gray seamless backdrop paper. Note: The Rogue Grid allows for a defined circular splash of color.

Lighting Diagram and Camera Settings:

Theatrical Lighting Guide

Transforming the image into Black and White can add an additional sense of Drama to the subject.

Geisha Samurai

Adding a texture overlay in Photoshop can also add character to the Dramatic Lighting.

Scott Robert Tiny Triggers, used for the included photos allow for remote Radio Triggering of the Speed Lights.

Photography: David Lloyd, Lighting Director and Chief Photographer for Get Image Ready Photo Shoot and Model Search Events.

Model: Katherine Divine

Tiny Triggers by Scott Robert Photography: Tiny Triggers

Rogue FlashBenders, Grids and Gels: ExpoImaging, Inc