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Evening Lighting with Speed Lights and Gels

Learn simple principles of Photographic Lighting and take your photography to the Next Level!

On March 24, 2012 we convened for the second in a series of Lighting Workshops which are taught every 4 to 6 weeks.

In our first meeting in February, we explored the concepts of Dimensional Outdoor Lighting, looking for five key ingredients.

Background: framing the subject.
Foreground: allowing your subject’s eyes to be open, not squinting.
Main Light: creating the direction of light to sculpt the facial features.
Fill Light: to lift the shadows.
Hair Light: creating separation and dimension.

The concepts were taught by positioning three speed lights to show the relationships of Dimensional Light.

This was followed by working with Diffusers and reflectors to mimic the Dimensional Lighting concepts using available light.

These principles were expanded on in our second Workshop, held March 24 with the Grand Finale exploring the use of Speed Lights and Gels in the early evening for the article opening image.

Here is the Lighting setup formula!

The Lighting Setup

A full explanation of this Lighting Setup and how it embraces the five Key Dimensional Elements to Dimensional Lighting, are revealed in the Workshops.

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