David Lloyd

David Lloyd – Professional Digital Photographer and Tutor.
David is now based in Chandler, AZ, available to serve the greater Phoenix area and all points beyond. So, whereever you reside, or are planning to hold your special celebration of love, David Lloyd Photography can be there to capture those special memories. A former Photographic Instructor and New Product Development and Design Engineer for the Vivitar Corporation, circa 1975, David brings both highly artistic and technical skills to Wedding and Portrait Photography. David has applied his 35 years of Professional Photography and Engineering expertise to the rapidly expanding field of Digital Imaging and Digital Work Flow. As a cutting edge Professional Photographer, David is also currently tutoring other Professional Photographers in the rapidly expanding field of Digital Photography, Photoshop and computer image processing. While working at Vivitar as an instructor and engineer, David designed and patented Electronic Flash and color darkroom equipment.
David is a sought after Professional Wedding Photographer; combining artistic, illustrative, traditional and photo-journalistic styles. “Today’s Bride reads all of the current Wedding magazines. She wants to stay informed and wants to select from a variety of Photographic styles.” Color, black and white, sepia, pastel and collage images. To meet these expectations, Today’s Wedding Photographer must incorporate an active program of continuing education to include the ever expanding world of Digital Technology.
Drawing on over 2,500 hours of color printing and retouching with film and paper, David has applied his extensive knowledge base of color, design and graphic layout to Digital Photography and Wedding Album design. “I have translated the world of the color darkroom to the computer with Photoshop Action sets to emulate darkroom and retouching techniques.” “This pallet, along with the broad spectrum of digital enhancements, possible with the computer, allow for a soft and romantic rendition of wedding and portrait images.” “With today’s digital Album manufacturers, such as GraphiStudio, Wedding Album Design has taken on an entirely new dimension, allowing for exceptional story telling of the wedding day.”
In keeping with his desire to invent, David has recently developed an exclusive new product he calls, ™DVD Live Album. Developed by David for destination customers, this concept has caught on quickly. Within weeks of the wedding day, David delivers a wedding album DVD, making the process of Album Design streamlined for his customers. The ™DVD Live Album features a menu driven 16:9 Wide Screen presentation of a pre-designed wedding album pages set to music. A must see for all prospective clients!

David Lloyd, CPP – Certified Professional Photographer and Digital Tutor

Hiring Mr. Lloyd as your personal coach and trainer for photographic lighting and digital tutoring, will insure your success, as you receive his expert; hands on training and instruction. Whether you need help with photographic lighting, remote triggering, digital image processing with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, or setting up a unique digital workflow to meet your needs, Mr. Lloyd is your go to expert just a phone call away. (480) 284-5516


  1. Certified Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America.
  2. Published author, November, 2015  Creative OCF Lighting Techniques for Photographers
  3. Inventor with granted patent for electronic flash control assigned to the Vivitar Corp.
  4. Current inventor of new lighting techniques and lighting accessories. To include a Portable Lighting Kit and Profoto Light Adapter for Speed Lights.

Issued a U.S. Patent for his original “Portable Modular Flash System,” David has now taken the next step and created what he calls “the ultimate approach to portable lighting.” Fully documented and explained, with sample photos, lighting diagrams, setup pull-back photos and descriptive how to’s, in his new Coffee Table Lighting Book,”Creative OCF Techniques for Photographers.”